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painting exhibition DECEMBER 2013

The exhibition of the painter Mark Thomas Fiorillo will be held for the second time in the beautiful exhibition hall of the Foundation Palmieri , former ancient church of San Sebastiano di Lecce behind the Duomo . The painter does not expose Salento since 2011 and this year will be presented fifty works in oil on wood or canvas and pastels that the artist created during this year. The production has as its main subject the Salento area , followed by some studies of nudes , portraits and still lifes of fruit and vegetables. In the current production have certainly influenced the palette frequent trips to Spain (Madrid , Toledo , Segovia .. ) and many visits to museums, particularly the most important ones in Madrid. Great feeling aroused in him the many visits to the house -museum of Joaquin Sorolla . The exhibition will start on Tuesday, December 10th at 18:30 and will end on Sunday, December 22, 2013 . The inauguration will be Toti Carpentieri who will present the artist and his work.

FONDAZIONE PALMIERI, chiesa di San Sebastiano, Lecce

Francesca Capece Art Gallery, MAGLIE

From 10 to 20 December 2011 will be held in the jerseys of paintings of Mark Thomas Fiorillo. The exhibition will include oil paintings, pastels and watercolors.


Exposition Palmieri Foundation

Exposition paintings 15 -26 December 2010

Chiesa di San Sebastiano Via Dei Sotterranei 1, Lecce

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