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Marco Tommaso Fiorillo was born in Lecce on 25 / 04/1974 where he received his degree of maturity 'Classic in 1993 at the Liceo Classico G. Palmieri. - Degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the University of Lecce. - He has acquired considerable experience in the restoration of paintings by attending many professional firms is that in Lecce in Florence and Rome. - In 1996 he received a diploma two years at the International University of Art in Florence as an expert in the restoration of paintings on canvas and wood and paper material. Since 2000 he holds the company C.R.C. Restoration and Conservation Centre antique paintings, frescoes and printed materials. Next to the profession of conservator has pursued his passion for painting, constantly traveling to museums and art exhibitions in the world. He has already 'exposed his works, achieving considerable success at:
- Gallery Maccagnani of Lecce in 1995,1996,1997.
- Castle of Mola di Bari 1996.
- Castello di Lecce (collective) 1996.
- Campidoglio, Rome 1996, Autumn Art Collective, Association "The Sign". Award-winning painting.
- Event-Strad'arte Lecce in 1996 - 97.
- Hotel President Lecce 1998 - Gallery Maccagnani of Lecce in 1999.
- Court of Cicada Gallery 2000,2001,2003
- Mare Magnum Gallery, Lecce, Italy in December 2003. Landscapes from Costa Rica.
- Galleria Montenapoleone Milan 2004, 2005, collective "Omeoart".
- Hotel Piccolo Mondo Castro 2007.2008
- Maccagnani Lecce Gallery from 2005 to 2008.
- Carouselle du Louvre, Raphael Collective Art Gallery, Paris 2008.
- Staff in Arciv away. Petronelli, Lecce 2009.
- Hotel Piccolo Mondo, 2010 Castro.
- In the spring of 2005 are 5 choices for the set works in Paris in the film "Do not turn around" by Marina De Van.
- In June 2009 he was selected for its landscape of Salento in the first place "Award Bodini."
- In 2009 the director Ferzan Ozpetek's collaboration with the chief designer Andrea Crisanti choose about thirty paintings for the movie sets in the film shot in Lecce "Loose Cannons".
- In the 2015 the art director Paola Comencini choose twelve paintings for the movie set of "Latin Lover", Cristina Comencini's film.
A painting "Assumption" is present in the Gallery of Contemporary Art Museum of the Diocese of Lecce. Many of his works are in private collections.
- May 2018 Milano San Babila. Brian&Barry Building "Landscapes from Salento"

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